Vlada Molchanova

Vlada Molchanova is a Ukrainian businesswoman and philanthropist, co-founder of Stolitsa Group and the Vlada Molchanova Foundation.

Born in Kyiv in a family of scientists. Father - Boris Romanyuk, professor, mathematical physicist, works at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Mother - Lilia Romanyuk, design engineer. Vlad Molchanova has five children - two sons and three daughters. The children were educated in Ukraine and abroad, but continue their professional development in Ukraine.

Graduate of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv majored in Biophysics. Since her student years Vlada has become interested in architecture and urban planning.

She started her way in business with the opening of a small cafe in Academmistechko. In the construction industry, the first projects were launched jointly with the KLO filling station network.

A joint construction company was subsequently in partnership with Kyiv businessman Volodymyr Kosterin and around 2004 Stolitsa Group was born having been registered in 2008. Today, Stolitsa Group is one of the largest and most reputable construction companies in Kyiv.

In 2009, Vladimir Kosterin sold his stake in Stolitsa Group to the Lithuanian business group BT Invest.

Lithuanian businessman Raimondas Tumenas, a former shareholder of the Sandora juice producer, who in 2007 sold this business to the international company PepsiCo, became the new partner of Molchanova.

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Vlada Molchanova is actively involved in public life. Together with her children and family, she established the Vlada Molchanova Foundation, a key tool for the implementation of public and charitable projects.

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