Vlada Molchanova Foundation Donated Armored Vehicles to Defenders


Soldiers of the battalion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from Ternopil Oblast received armored vehicles with the British Army technical equipment that had proven well in NATO military operations.

Armored vehicles save many lives, says Battalion Commander Yevgen Stepanov.

"I sincerely thank Vlada Molchanova and her foundation for helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine so much. These are not the first cars that came to different units. Many have received these light-armored vehicles, which are designed to transport personnel, perform operational and combat missions. Comfortable English cars that have a sufficient protection. They save many lives of our servicemen", said Yevhen Stepanov.

The vehicles are already on the front line and help our military to defeat the enemy.

The battalion commander of the Armed Forces emphasizes that these legendary cars are used for operational and combat missions.

"They have proven themselves in all military operations conducted by NATO countries, such as "Desert Storm" in Iran and Afghanistan. These are quite reliable cars. They have a good protection characteristics, are maneuverable enough, and allow you to install large-caliber machine guns on top of them", Yevhen Stepanov noted.

Source: Ternopoliany

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