Serhiy Korovchenko and Vladyslava Molchanova Foundation hand over SUVs and cars to the Ukrainian Armed Forces


The Vladyslava Molchanova Foundation and entrepreneur Serhiy Korovchenko have delivered off-road vehicles and a medical all-terrain vehicle from the UK to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Now they will serve the soldiers of the 67th Separate Mechanized Brigade formed on the basis of the Right Sector Ukrainian Volunteer Corps and the 79th Border Guard Detachment of the State Border Guard Service.

"It was a very difficult journey. We brought the ambulance from Britain, from a military base. Yesterday it was still on the border of Lviv region and we had to bring it back at night. We drove all night, reached Kyiv in the morning, changed a few parts, and had it serviced. Now we have arrived here without sleep and are handing it over," said Ivan Molchanov, a Vladyslava Molchanova's foundation representative.

This medical transport is unique in its kind, volunteers say. The vehicle is equipped with an oxygen generator, so it can effectively perform resuscitation and safely evacuate soldiers.

"This is a 6x6 pinzgauer, the peculiarity of this vehicle is that it has all-wheel drive on all 6 wheels... It has excellent qualities both in terms of cross-country ability and transportation of servicemen in serious condition," said volunteer Mykyta.

The parking lot of the Retroville shopping center, which was damaged by a Russian missile last year, was chosen as the place to meet with the future owners of the car.

"The place is symbolic because, in March 2022, Russia struck the Retroville shopping and entertainment center. It caused more than 20 million euros in damage. And our legal team, which is supporting this case, has done a great job of collecting evidence and conducting examinations. As a result, we won the lawsuit against the Russian Federation. And now, in the near future, we plan to confiscate and sell the assets of the Russian Federation, including through international institutions," said entrepreneur Serhiy Korovchenko.

It is worth noting that this case is a unique story of protecting the interests of Ukrainian businesses affected by Russian aggression. According to Serhiy Korovchenko, he plans to continue to seek compensation from Russia in the interests of other Ukrainian companies, using this experience.

The military say that such vehicles are urgently needed at the front: "We need these vehicles to evacuate our wounded and our comrades from the battlefield, from the battle, and from the area of destruction," said Yuriy, junior lieutenant of the 67th Brigade Support Battalion of the Right Sector.

Source: Apostrophe

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