Molchanova Received Award for her Contribution to St. Michael's Cathedral Reconstruction


On Monday, December 14, a ceremony of presenting commemorative awards on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the consecration of this revived temple took place at the St. Michael's Zolotoverkhy Cathedral.

High church awards from the hands of the Primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine Epiphanius were received by the hierarchs of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, the ministers of the St. Michael's Cathedral, as well as the laity involved in its revival, among whom is the well-known philanthropist Vlada Molchanova.

"Now we are celebrating a kind of anniversary - although the cathedral existed for centuries, it was destroyed, but then the time came when it was rebuilt again. And today we want to mark with anniversary awards those who were directly involved in the development of this temple. Let me congratulate you all and present a symbolic award for you who were and are involved, and, I believe in this, will be involved in the future in the development of not only this cathedral, but our entire Local Orthodox Church of Ukraine, the spiritual center of our Local Church ”, said Metropolitan Epiphanius.

“I greet you, and thank you for sacrificially helping both the Mikhailovsky Monastery and the Kyiv Metropolis. May the Lord give you strength and inspiration to continue to help and do a lot of useful things to people,” said Metropolitan Epiphanius, presenting the award to Vlada Molchanova.

“It is a great honor for me to receive such a high award. I feel great pride, great gratitude, and I want to say that I have always supported our Orthodox Church and will continue to make efforts to help her,” Vlada Molchanova noted in turn.

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